Allison Kallaway has a passion for creating strikingly unique jewelry, which emerged in her childhood amongst the visually stimulating landscapes in and around Fort Collins, Colorado. She began developing her strong metalsmithing skills in high school and college coursework. Then majored in Art Education with the goal of sharing her craft with others around the world. After a solo sojourn through Italy, Allison joined the Peace Corps as an Art Educator and taught young people in Botswana about the creative expression of Art. Addicted to the carefree island, stunning natural world, and unique experiences in Southern Africa provides, she independently carved a life for herself teaching and working within the safari industry. Allison returned to the United States twelve years later with her Zimbabwean husband, Rory Young, to raise their son on the very land her family homesteaded at the turn of the century. This is where she spent many vacations as a child and where she now calls home. Surrounded by loving family in Montana's lower Flathead Valley, Allison brings expression to the myriad of African design elements that have influenced her unique style of modern industrial jewelry.